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It’s time to embrace life, the Spanish way

Woah there, amigo. Time for you to embrace a bit of Spanish living and shake things up a bit. You need a bit more Spanish in you if you’re going to really live uncorked. Try these three ways to add a bit more colour to your life.

You’re edging toward the Spanish way of life

Amigo, you are what is sometimes known as ‘rubber armed’. Your first inclination is to stick to what you know but your arm is easily twisted and you can quickly be persuaded into fun with your mates. This is good! This is the Spanish mind-set. Learn to embrace a little more colour by trying one of these.

You are living a life uncorked!

Compadre, are you sure you’re not actually Spanish? You are living life just like a Spaniard, embracing every opportunity that comes your way and getting the most out of it. Good for you! Carry on just as you are, and maybe try one of these things.

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